Short Video on how India is Using Solar Power

Solar Plant Installation

India is quite similar to the Philippines in a way that 1. both are emerging markets and can expect more energy demand while having limited supply; and 2. both our populations are growing quickly. This puts tremendous pressure on the current facilities to generate clean and relatively cheap energy. Fortunately, both countries can have access to Solar Power. The next step is to harness it.

India has been committing to build up its Solar Power infrastructure by investing heavily in projects. In 2015, India targeted 1 Billion US Dollars in Solar Power Investment.

For the Philippines, the progress has been there but is a little bit slower; however, this hasn’t stopped the private sector from installing their own Solar Systems in their rooftops.

Maybe it’s time to start exploring solar panels for your businesses. Other countries are heavily investing in it. Moreover, it would make sound business sense to do so.


India: Green Energy Push

India’s Western State of Gujarat hosts Asia’s largest Solar Park. The USD 500 Million project is evidence of the government’s commitment to renewables. India is working to reduce dependency on expensive imports. In the last two years, the cost of power generation from Solar has decreased. However, 60% of electricity in India still comes from coal, followed by water power. Solar and wind make up 12%. Expanding green electricity networks will be a big challenge. Time is pressing as India’s economy and population are growing quickly; and with them, the demand for cheap energy. 280 Million people in India still have no access to electricity.