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Solar may cover the world’s electricity demand with 0.3% of its land area

An international research group claims that raw materials and land availability do not present a real barrier for a global energy system with solar at its center. They said that forecasts for PV growth should not have their axis on utility-scale power plants and instead consider vertical PV, agrivoltaics, and floating PV as the source […]

JinkoSolar Launches Second Generation Tiger Neo Family

SHANGRAO, China, January 10, 2022  —  JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today revealed its Second Generation Tiger Neo panel family – one of the world’s most efficient and powerful solar panels. The upgraded Tiger Neo family includes three series with up to 445Wp for 54-cell, 615Wp […]


Multiple factors affect the productive lifespan of a solar inverter. the solar energy systems’ lifespan is between 25-30 years. But the lifespan of a solar inverter does not last that long. Most inverters last between 10-15 years. solar inverters last up to 25 years, depending on many factors. Most string inverters have a 10- to […]