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JInko Solar Disrtibutor and installer in the Philippines

Jinko Solar Names Solar Grid Alternatives as an Authorized Reseller and Distributor in the Philippines

This means that all Solar Panels by Jinko Solar, and other Modules under the Jinko brand provided by Solar Grid Alternatives Philippines for Retail or Solar Installation are authentic and honors Jinko’s warranty and support. In this letter sent from Jinko Solar. It also states that “Jinko will be able to provide advisory assistance on […]

Growatt Solar Inverters Names Solar Grid Alternatives as The Philippine’s Official Distributor

Growatt Solar Inverters Names Solar Grid Alternatives as an Official Distributor in the Philippines

Growatt New Energy is recognized by today’s standards as Asia’s number one residential Solar Inverter Manufacturer. Growatt’s recent letter to Solar Grid Alternatives reiterates that Solar Grid Alternatives is an Official Distributor of Growatt Inverter Products in the Philippines. This means that all inverters of Growatt supplied by Solar Grid Alternatives to the Philippine market […]