5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Panels (Other than just to Save Money)

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If you’re thinking twice about installing solar panels, here are some reasons why you most likely should (especially if you have extra money lying around.)

  1. It is a really good home investment, both in the short and long term. 

    It is unlikely to find a type of home improvement that would generate actual returns. Getting a new ceiling or redecorating your living room might make things more aesthetically appealing, but they are purely expenses– you won’t save on anything, nor will they put money in your pocket. (Both are actually possible with Solar Panels.)

    Moreover, installing solar panels will increase the value of your home. A study conducted in the US showed that buyers were willing to pay $15000 extra for a home with an average-sized solar panel system. That value is even more than your actual solar panels (especially because you already had savings). So if you decide to sell your house later on, you can expect more for it.

  2. It is completely clean. 

    Solar Energy is completely generated by the sun. No other inputs. That being the case, there are no harmful emissions. This does not sound too significant but here’s a short list of emissions from burning fossil fuels:

    • Carbon Dioxide – a major cause of global warming
    • Nitrogen Oxide – can cause damage to the lungs
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Particulate Matter – can contirbute to asthma and chronic bronchitis
    • Sulfur Dioxide
    • Mercury – very hazardous to humans and animals

    Comparing those emissions vs zero emissions, we think solar power wins.

  3. Solar Panels are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. 

    If the 25 to 30-year warranty guaranteed by the panel manufacturer is not enough indication that the solar panels are durable, then we invite you to inspect and view the actual panels firsthand.

    Solar panels are aggressively tested to make sure they endure the elements– rain, extreme wind, snow, hail etc. They have no moving parts which limits what can actually break. You should not have any problems and additional costs in installing and maintaining them.

  4. Think of your solar system as a way to afford other “better” home improvements. 

    If you want to live the “good life”, it will cost you. A new electric grill, swimming pool, jacuzzi, etc — everything costs money. Limit or control your expenses by the use of solar power. A new swimming pool or hot tub can be operated with renewable energy. Solar Power actually reduces operating costs, especially on features that need to run 24/7.

  5. You would need to spend money anyway. 

    It’s as simple as choosing between putting money in your utility provider’s pocket or putting money in yours; either way you would have to spend the money. You can invest in your home system and control your energy costs or you can pay your utility provider for fees that they can arbitrarily increase. The choice is yours.