Zero Cash Out Solar Installation Program

Solar Grid Alternatives would like to exclusively offer our Zero Cash Out Solar Installation Program to Industrial corporations with Factories/ Manufacturing, Cold Storage, or the likes.

zero cash-out solar financing program

Solar Grid Alternatives is launching a zero cash-out solar financing program. Powered by a Europe-based impact investment firm. PM me if you wanna partner in originating deals or know businesses and industries that’d like lower power rates for next 20 years via solar rooftop solutions financed by us.

We are now at an interesting inflection point where the fundamentals of power rates, a set of impact investors comfortable with lower IRRs, and local installation costs have all aligned.

Interested to avail our No Cash Out Solar Installation?

Visit our website, send us your information and note in your message “No cash out”. 

We will get in touch with you to help you process your application to avail the no cash out offer.