Solar Grid Alternatives is Open for New Partnerships

Accepting New Partner Contractors for Solar Installation.

We are looking for Partner Architects, Engineers, and Construction Builders!

We are inviting Architects, Engineers and Construction Builders to Partner with Solar Grid Alternatives.

We can provide full support for the following

1.      Solar Installation Packages Client Presentation.

2.      Submission of proposal or bidding per prospect client.

3.      Site ocular inspection and estimation of the Solar Installation Project.

4.      Provide client facing project management support.

5.      Provide deliverable contracts, and warranty services.

6.      Provide all the necessary materials and manpower for Solar Installation.

7.      Provide Net Metering application and leg work from start to finish.

Interested to be our partner?

Attractive and generous commission package is provided to our partners.

Visit our website and sign up in our Request a quote form

Submit your info and we will get in touch with you soon to discuss partnerships and commissions.

Note in your message “Partner” to indicate your interest on a Solar Partnership.

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